White Desert Tour / 2 Days / Overnight Camping In Balck and White Desert Tours From Cairo

Enjoy  your Days Tour to the White Desert and Bahariya Oasis from Cairo, Explore the Black desert, Crystal Mountain, and Enjoy unspoiled nature, include One-night Camping in the white desert. The white desert is one of the most Beautiful Places you can Ever see in Egypt Western Desert

White Desert Egypt

  • The White Desert Egypt a dramatic shimmering chalk landscape in western Egypt, is rightfully regarded as one of the country’s incredible natural wonders. The remote location, roughly 500 kilometres from Cairo, provides an unrivalled and inspiring natural retreat away from the city’s noise and pollution. Between the Nile Delta Valley and the Libyan border, the White Desert covers 3010 square kilometres west of the Farafra Oasis. Arriving there is like stepping into another planet, one where tranquillity reigns supreme and contact with nature is unaffected by the trappings of modern life.
  • The White Desert of Egypt is a unique and beautiful landscape located in the Western Desert. It is an area of white chalk rock formations, which have been created over time by wind and sand erosion. The area also contains some caves that were used as dwellings by ancient Egyptians. This desert has become a popular tourist destination for those who want to experience its natural beauty or explore its fascinating history.
  • The White Desert was formed millions of years ago when the Sahara Sea dried up, leaving behind deposits of calcium carbonate which later became limestone rocks known as “chalk” due to their coloration from oxidation processes over time. These rocks are further sculpted into fantastical shapes through wind erosion and other natural phenomena such as flash floods that occur during rare rains in this arid region . In addition, many fossils can be found here due to the abundance of sedimentary layers present throughout this desert environment; these include remains from both plants and animals that lived thousands or even millions years ago!
  • Aside from its geological wonders, there are numerous cultural sites within this vast expanse including temples dedicated to gods like Horus  Sobek , Isis  tombs belonging Pharaohs such Thutmose III  carvings depicting scenes related Egypt’s rich mythology plus much more! Additionally visitors can take part activities ranging camel rides across dunes stargazing under night sky – making it perfect place anyone looking adventure while learning about country’s unique culture heritage at same time!

White Desert National Park

  • White Desert National Park is an incredible natural wonder located in the heart of India’s Thar Desert. Spanning over 2,400 square kilometers, it is home to a vast array of unique wildlife and geological features that make it one of India’s most stunning national parks. From its expansive sand dunes to its rocky outcrops and salt flats, White Desert National Park offers visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with them forever.
  • The park was established in 1981 as part of the government’s efforts to protect the fragile ecosystem found within this region. It has since become renowned for its diverse range of flora and fauna which includes desert foxes, Indian wolves, Bengal tigers and several species of birds such as vultures or eagles soaring overhead looking for their prey on the ground below them. In addition to these animals there are also many reptiles living here including cobras or monitor lizards which can be seen basking in some sunny spots during certain times throughout year when temperatures rise above 40°C! 
  •  The dramatic landscapes found within White Desert National Park have been shaped by centuries worth erosion from wind blowing across sandy plains while also being carved into interesting formations due to water running off nearby mountains creating streams bedded with colorful rocks along their sides – all making up an amazing sight like no other place on earth! Visitors can explore this area either by foot or camelback – both offering different perspectives but equally rewarding experiences filled with awe inspiring moments guaranteed never forget!

White Desert Tour

  • The White Desert Tour it’s most important and beautiful nature reserve in the world, which is the western desert in Egypt, the most beautiful country in the world. Egypt has many tourist places and wonders that scientists have been unable to explain.
  • The calcifications of the White Desert were formed over 80 million years ago, and their calcifications are of a unique quality called karst, which is a very ancient geological phenomenon. Different that has become her area
  • White Desert Reserve After being selected by the «Trip Advisor» specialized in the affairs of «Tourism and Travel» to get the first place among the most unique tourist sites and the most unusual in the world, published a long report on the best and the strangest twenty unique tourist sites in the world, Desert, which is located in the Farafra Oasis in the New Valley Governorate as the best unique Tourist destination, describing it as the hidden side of the Egyptian tourism fun
  • The desert is a white desert protected by wind, sedimentation and erosion, and there are formations that can not be made by the artist. Some of them suggest shapes that are known to you (such as the Sphinx, but the head of a flock), while others challenge the laws of nature Weak without falling, defying the law of gravity) and some in the form of plant Mushroom so will stand in front of each rock and depict your imagination What resembles this rock
  • Many travel providers in Bahariya oasis offer White Desert trips, which can be purchased online or in Cairo. In general, these tours include comfortable transfers to and from Cairo, a 4WD for the desert, all meals (expect delicious local cuisine), beverages (water, tea/coffee, juices), an overnight hotel in Bahariya, camping in the White Desert, all camping equipment, and incredible tours to the above-mentioned locations. The schedule includes visits to Bahariya’s palm groves and dunes, camel farms, the Crystal Mountain, the Black and White Desert Camp


  • Cairo is one of the world’s most fascinating cities, with centuries-old monuments and a vibrant culture. It’s also home to the iconic White Desert, an expanse of sand dunes that stretch across Egypt’s Western Desert. The White Desert is a beautiful natural wonder that draws visitors from all over the world for its unique landscape and stunning views. 
  • The White Desert offers more than just breathtaking scenery; it has some interesting historical attractions as well. Visitors can explore ancient tombs in nearby Siwa Oasis or visit El Alamein War Cemetery, which commemorates those who died during World War II battles in North Africa. There are also several Bedouin villages located near the desert where travelers can learn about traditional nomadic life and even camp overnight under starry skies if they wish! 
  • No trip to Cairo would be complete without visiting this remarkable destination! Whether you’re looking for adventure or simply want to admire nature’s beauty from afar, there’s something here for everyone at Cairo’s famous White Desert – so don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience .

Balck and White Desert Tours from Cairo


Day 1 - From Cairo To Bahariya Oasis White Desert

Cairo Depart early in the morning at 7am to Bahariya oasis about 360 km west Cairo takes about 4 hours then arrived in Bahariya oasis will Have lunch our camp and continue be 4×4  visit the- Black Desert– drive towards the small Bedouin village El Hez then where you have a chance to relax in one of Bahariya’s ” then continue to visit – Crystal Mountain and the beautiful site of El Agabat – and continue to visit the white desert when we  Arrive in the White Desert in time to magnificent sunset and explore the area Set up Bedouin campsite Enjoy dinner  around the campfire. under the stars ‘ Bedouin tea and enjoy each other story ‘


  • We will Arrange for you a private transfer service from   your hotel in cairo or giza to Bahariya Oasis  .                                
  • The  4×4 Jeep car Safari Tour   .                                                             
  • meals lunch ~  hot Dinner ~ chicken BBQ ~ next day, Breakfast ~ Mineral water during the tour ~ Fruit, hot and soft drinks   .                                                                           
  • English Guide ~ sand board  ~ Sleeping needs  ~ Tent ~ Mattresses  ~ Blankets ~ Sleeping  ~ Full Camping .
Day 2 - From Baharya Oasis To Cairo

After breakfast, explore the New White Desert its limestone formations – Hot water spring

Return to Bahariya oasis and  Before we return to Cairo, we’ll begin our nearly 5  -hour drive back to your Cairo hotel.


  • Pick-up / drop off services from your hotel 
  • ‌Tours by private Jeep 4X4 to the White and Black Deserts
  • Desert camping for one night
  • ‌English speaking driver
  • ‌All camping equipment and tents
  • ‌All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • ‌Beverages including mineral water and tea


  • Tips fpr the staff
  • Entrance fees to the National Park of the White Desert 
  •  Alcohol drink
  •   Marketing shop                        
  • Pick Up / Drop Off  From Cairo Airport
  • White Desert Tour  is here to provide support to Travel Lovers and make sure our customers will get unforgettable Memories and Moments while visiting Egypt and even after return, as you’ll find unbeatable Activities for all ages and interests, so whichever tour activity you are thinking we help you select your destination and tailor it to match your budget and travel style with the best facilities and standards, Quality is our top priority and your satisfaction is our aim.

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