• Camel trekking desert tours in Egypt are a unique and exciting way to explore the country’s vast deserts. These tours provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Egyptian landscape from a different perspective, as well as giving travelers access to some of its most remote areas. From riding across sand dunes on camelback, taking in spectacular sunsets over ancient ruins, and visiting Bedouin villages nestled deep within wadis (dry river beds), there is something for everyone on these memorable adventures.
  • The tour typically begins with pick up at your hotel or other accommodation by an experienced guide who will accompany you throughout your journey into Egypt’s majestic deserts . During this part of the trip you will have time for sightseeing along with learning about local customs and culture before arriving at your destination where camels await. After mounting them it’s off into seemingly endless stretches of golden sands while soaking up views that reach far beyond what can be seen from any vehicle or footpath alone; it truly is like stepping back in time! The ride itself usually lasts several hours but can be extended if desired – just make sure you bring enough water!
  • Finally after returning home weary yet contented , memories remain long after coming down from those sandy heights – cherished moments spent exploring one of nature’s greatest wonders: The Sahara Desert ! If ever given a chance , don’t miss out on such an unforgettable experience that only camel trekking desert tours can offer .

Desert Camel Tour In Egypt

  • The desert safari camel tour in Egypt is an unforgettable experience. From the moment you step foot on to the sand, you are taken back in time to a place of ancient beauty and wonder. The vast expanse of golden sands stretches out before your eyes as far as they can see, with nothing but rolling dunes surrounding you for miles around. As your guide leads your group through this seemingly endless landscape, there’s no better way to explore than by riding atop a majestic camel!
  • Camel rides provide visitors with an up-close view of some spectacular sights that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access without them. During these tours, riders will traverse across stunning oases filled with lush palm trees and mysterious rock formations while soaking up breathtaking views along the way. You may even get lucky enough spot some wild animals during these excursions such as foxes or gazelles running alongside their camels!
  • Finally at nightfall after all activities have been completed its time for dinner under starlit skies where local Bedouin music plays while guests enjoy traditional dishes like Kebab & Tagine cooked over open fires creating a truly magical atmosphere that cannot be experienced anywhere else on earth – except maybe from atop another camel ride somewhere else in Egypt! Allowing travelers not only discover new places but also giving them insight into different cultures which makes it one of most unique experiences imaginable . This is why so many people come back year after year – because once isn’t enough when it comes Desert Safari Camel Tours In Egypt


  • CAMEL TREKKING DESERT TOUR IN WESETRN DESERT Camel trekking through the Western Desert is an experience like no other. It offers a unique way to explore and appreciate the beauty of this vast desert landscape. From sand dunes and oases, to ancient ruins and vibrant sunsets, there is something for everyone in this unforgettable journey.
  • The camel trek begins with a pickup at your hotel or campground from where you will be driven out into the desert by experienced guides who know these lands intimately. Once you arrive at your starting point, it’s time to hop onto one of these majestic creatures as they take you on an adventure across miles of sand-covered terrain that stretches far beyond what can be seen from ground level alone! Along the way, your guide will share stories about their culture and history while providing insight into how locals survive in such harsh conditions – giving travelers a deeper appreciation for life in this part of Morocco.
  • Once night falls upon the desert sky, it’s time for dinner around a traditional campfire before settling down under starry skies with blankets provided by tour operators – making sure guests stay warm during chilly nights spent sleeping outside beneath twinkling stars! The next morning brings more exploration as travelers continue their journey across golden sands until eventually reaching their destination where they get dropped off back at their original pick up location – having gained incredible memories along with newfound knowledge about life within Morocco’s Western Desert region that few ever have access too!
  • Overall camel trekking tours are an amazing opportunity to explore some truly breathtaking sights while learning interesting facts about local cultures all set against beautiful landscapes – making them highly recommended experiences when visiting western deserts such as those found throughout EGYPT


  • Camel trekking desert tours in the Western Desert of Egypt are an incredible way to explore this ancient land. The vast expanse of sand, rock formations and oases provide a unique experience that is sure to leave lasting memories. From sunrise camel rides over the dunes, sunset hikes through canyons and star-filled nights spent camping under the stars, these tours offer something for everyone looking for an adventure.
  • The Western Desert is home to some of Egypt’s most iconic sights including Siwa Oasis and White Desert National Park which both feature breathtaking landscapes unlike anything else on earth. On a camel trekking tour you will have plenty of opportunities to take in all these wonders as well as visit Bedouin villages where you can learn about their culture firsthand from local guides who know every inch of this remarkable region like it was their own backyard
  • From choosing your perfect route with experienced guides leading each step along the way, there’s no better way than Camel Trekking Tours in The Western Desert Of Egypt when it comes time for exploring one of nature’s greatest gifts – its deserts! Whether you choose a short 3 day trip or extend your stay up to two weeks; whatever option suits best your needs be sure that at any time during your journey across this mesmerizing landscape will remain etched into memory forever!


  • Cairo is one of the world’s most fascinating cities, with centuries-old monuments and a vibrant culture. It’s also home to the iconic White Desert, an expanse of sand dunes that stretch across Egypt’s Western Desert. The White Desert is a beautiful natural wonder that draws visitors from all over the world for its unique landscape and stunning views. 
  • The White Desert offers more than just breathtaking scenery; it has some interesting historical attractions as well. Visitors can explore ancient tombs in nearby Siwa Oasis or visit El Alamein War Cemetery, which commemorates those who died during World War II battles in North Africa. There are also several Bedouin villages located near the desert where travelers can learn about traditional nomadic life and even camp overnight under starry skies if they wish! 
  • No trip to Cairo would be complete without visiting this remarkable destination! Whether you’re looking for adventure or simply want to admire nature’s beauty from afar, there’s something here for everyone at Cairo’s famous White Desert – so don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience


  • The White Desert from Cairo Camel Trekking Desert Tour is an unforgettable experience that will take you on a journey through the mesmerizing beauty of Egypt’s vast and captivating desert landscape. This tour offers visitors the chance to explore one of the most stunning deserts in all of Africa, while also taking part in some exciting activities such as camel trekking and sand boarding. You will be able to get up close with nature during your trip, as well as learn about local culture and history along the way.
  • The tour begins with a drive from Cairo out into Egypt’s Western Desert where you’ll be met by your guide who will provide information about safety procedures before embarking on your adventure across this unique terrain. During this time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for sightseeing including visits to oases like Siwa or Bahariya Oasis which are home to many ancient monuments like temples, tombs and mosques dating back thousands of years ago! After spending some time exploring these sites it’s then off into deeper parts of The White Desert where camels become our mode transportation over rolling dunes for several hours until reaching camp at nightfall; here guests can enjoy traditional Bedouin hospitality around a bonfire beneath star-studded skies before retiring for restful sleep under canvas tents or sleeping bags depending upon their preference!
  • Finally after breakfast we continue our exploration further south towards Farafra Oasis which provides spectacular views along its rocky terrain dotted with colorful salt lakes – here visitors may even spot rare species such wildlife gazelles & foxes among other animals native only found within region! Finally we make our way back northwards towards Cairo ending amazing day filled memories that last lifetime so if looking something truly special then look no than White From Camel Trekking Tour – guaranteed leave feeling inspired awe-struck wonderment every step taken throughout magical desert land!.


  • The 4 – day – 3 nights black and white desert campaign is an exciting opportunity to explore the beauty of nature while camping in a unique environment. This experience takes place in the White Desert, located near Cairo, Egypt. The campers will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of sand dunes that stretch for miles as well as see some rare animals such as gazelles and foxes during their stay.
  • During this trip, travelers will have access to all necessary equipment such as tents and sleeping bags for overnight stays in the desert. They can also take part in activities like camel rides or quad biking through the sand dunes with experienced guides who know how best navigate these landscapes safely. Additionally, they’ll get a chance to visit nearby historical sites including ancient tombs from Pharaonic times which offer insight into life during those eras long ago!
  • Overall, this three-day two night black and white desert campaign provides an amazing way for people looking for adventure or just want something different than usual vacations! Campers will be able experience both natural beauty combined with fascinating cultural history all while having fun under starry nights filled with unforgettable memories that last forever!
  • Day 1  – Depart from your hotel in Cairo or Giza at 7 am, head to Bahariya Oasis at 12 when you arrive then have the lunch in our place in Bahariya oasis , about 3: 30  you  and will have sunset tour continue be 4×4 to visit the Local tours  of Bahariya oasis , Salt Lake Pyramid MountainEnglish Mountain Take sunsetHot Water Spring  Then Spend  night in a hotel or camp 
  • Day 2 – morning have a breakfast at 9 am start go visit black Desert and start with the Camel Tour  from a beautiful site of El Agabat  after have the lunch then go By Camel to Small Valley  to where I camping  then will have the dinner and sleep in Small Valley explore the area Set up Bedouin campsite Enjoy dinner  around the campfire. 
  • Day 3 –  after have have a breakfast start by Camel Small Valley to Ain Khadara- and will have lunch then continue to old white in time to magnificent sunset and explore the area Set up Bedouin campsite Enjoy dinner  around the campfire. under the stars  and in old white desert 
  • Day 4 – after the breakfast will start from old white desert to the new white desert mushroom Valley by jeep car safari tour explore the New White Desert then back to Bahariya oasis hot springs and have the lunch and pick you back to Cairo

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